Qualitative Research Courses

I am gauging interest in the following qualitative training/advice sessions for small groups (6-10 people). The purpose of these sessions is to make qualitative research training available to a wider audience at an affordable price. Scroll down for further details and to register interest.


  1. Basic introduction to qualitative research (half day)

Session 1 is suitable for individuals with NO experience/knowledge of qualitative research

  1. Introduction to qualitative interviewing (half day)
  2. Introduction to qualitative analysis (half day)

Sessions 2 & 3 are suitable for individuals who have undertaken an introductory course to qualitative research but with little or no practical experience


  1. Qualitative interviewing practice (1 day)
  2. Qualitative analysis (bring your own data) (half or 1 day)

Sessions 4 & 5 are suitable for individuals with limited experience of qualitative research, e.g. conducting their first or second study


  1. Study design troubleshooting workshop (half or 1 day)
  2. Ethics committee application troubleshooting workshop (half or 1 day)
  3. Recruitment troubleshooting workshop (half or 1 day)
  4. Interviewing troubleshooting workshop (half or 1 day)

Workshops 6-9 are suitable for individuals at ANY level. Troubleshooting workshops are intended to provide a supportive forum for individuals to discuss challenges in their study with the course leader and support and learn from other qualitative researchers. NB. analysis troubleshooting would be covered in the analysis workshop.

Click for examples of other courses/sessions I offer, or ask me about bespoke courses/sessions.

Teaching & Research Experience

I have been a hands-on qualitative researcher for over 20 years. That means my day job consists of actually doing the research, not only supervising and/or lecturing (although I do some of that too). As a result, I have been involved in 15 qualitative projects (mostly as lead or sole researcher), interviewed hundreds of participants and analysed thousands of pages of data. I have authored/contributed to around 90 articles, reports, book chapters and presentations. I have worked at several prestigious universities: University of Oxford, University College London, University of Liverpool. I have been teaching qualitative methods on the Oxford Clinical Psychology Doctorate for 9 years and receive consistently positive reviews from trainees.

“Very entertainingly presented. Really helpful. Enjoyed the exercise.”

“Brilliant session.”

“Very interactive lecture, highly engaging.”

You can read more about my teaching (including feedback from past students), career historyprojects I have worked on and publications.


TBA (please contact me and/or follow for updates). The final cost of the sessions will be a fraction of the price of courses advertised elsewhere.


The courses will be held close to a mainline train station in the North West / West Midlands (overcoming the prohibitive costs of London-based training). No costly overnight stays should be required!


To register initial interest please complete the form below with your contact details and area of interest.


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