Winter 2017 Qualitative Research Course Dates Released

I am pleased to announce the dates for 3 introductory qualitative research courses for Winter 2017. Only 10 places available per course!

table pic

Click for more information about course content, location, and to book a place:


Guide to levels:

  • Absolute beginners: suitable for individuals with NO experience/knowledge of qualitative research
  • Basic/introductory: suitable for individuals who have undertaken an introductory course to qualitative research but with little or no practical experience
  • Practical/Intermediate: suitable for individuals with limited experience of qualitative research, e.g. conducting their first or second study

Interviewing Workshop

  • Attendees may bring along their interview schedule or example questions to test
  • Attendees should bring along a recording device

Analysis Workshop

  • Attendees must bring their own data to the data analysis workshop. This workshop will include ‘troubleshooting’ (i.e. addressing common difficulties in analysis) and is intended to provide a supportive forum for individuals to discuss challenges in their study with the course leader and to support/be supported by and learn from other qualitative researchers


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