Completed Projects

Coercion in mental health: Patterns and prevalence of coercion in mental health care and a trial of the effectiveness and costs of supervised community treatment orders, 2009-2015

Principal Investigator: Professor Tom Burns, University of Oxford
Funder: NIHR (National Institute for Health Research) £1.9m research programme comprising two studies: ULTIMA, n=417 and OCTET, n=333.

Young People, Weight & Health2008-2009
Principal Investigators: Professor Sue Ziebland & Dr Ann McPherson, University of Oxford 
Funder: Department of Health 
n=36 young people + 9 parents

Screenshot (14.09.17), Health & Weight,

Experiences of mental health problems in Black and minority ethnic communities2007-2008
Principal Investigators: Professor Sue Ziebland & Dr Ann McPherson, University of Oxford
Funders: Care Service Improvement Partnership
n=33 participants

Screenshot (14.09.17), BME Mental Health,

How do social welfare policies and practices build or undermine resilience in poor households? An international comparative study, 2004-2007
Principal Investigators: Professor Margaret Whitehead and Professor Chris Jones, University of Liverpool & in collaboration with colleagues at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Funder: ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council)
Part of the ESRC Priority Network: “Development and persistence of human capability and resilience in its social and geographical context” led by Professor Mel Bartley, University College London

Understanding epilepsy patients’ decisions about participation in randomised controlled trials, 2002-2003
Principal Investigator: Professor Ann Jacoby, University of Liverpool
Funder: BUPA Foundation

Triggers and barriers to user involvement in research, 2002-2003
Principal Investigators: Dr Paula Hodgson and Dr Ruth Hunter, University of Liverpool
Funder: Mersey Primary Care R&D Consortium

Retention and rehabilitation of workers with mental health problems: development and evaluation of an evidence-based workplace training package, 2002-2003
Principal Investigator: Dr Fiona Ford, University of Liverpool
Funder: Department for Work and Pensions

Return to work following mental health problems, 2001-2002
Principal Investigator: Dr Fiona Ford, University of Liverpool
Funder: Merseyside Health Action Zone

Lay involvement in clinical governance, 2001-2002
Principal Investigator: Dr Andréa Litva
Funder: ESRC
n=60 lay people + 32 professionals

Evaluation of the impact of the Research Development Fund Scheme on research capacity building, 2002-2003
Principal Investigators: Professor Ann Jacoby & Dr Ruth Hunter, University of Liverpool
Funder: Health R&D NW

Needs Assessment in North West Secure Psychiatric Services, 2000
Principal Investigator: Professor Jenny Shaw, University of Manchester
Funder: North West Regional Health Authority

A Multi-Centre Evaluation of Supervised Discharge and Guardianship: Service Users and Compulsory Care
Principal Investigator: Dr Annie Bartlett, St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London
Funder: Department of Health
Part of a Multi-Centre Evaluation, led by Professor Graham Thornicroft, Institute of Psychiatry (n=268)

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