Troubleshooting Workshop: Qualitative Data Analysis

PRACTICAL SESSION: Troubleshooting Workshop: Qualitative Data Analysis with Dr Krysia Canvin

1.30am-4.30pm, Thurs 8 February 2018, Crewe



  1. To provide a supportive forum for group discussion, supported by the workshop leader
  2. To provide an opportunity for individuals to reflect on and discuss with the group and workshop leader:
    • Their data analysis plan
    • How data analysis has been going: what has / has not worked and why; concerns and challenges and how to overcome them
    • Next steps, i.e. I’ve got data, now what? I’ve coded now what? I’ve got findings, now what?
  3. To work together to identify ways to overcome challenges, progress analysis, make sense of data
  4. To facilitate peer-to-peer constructive criticism
  5. To provide opportunities for one-to-one questions and advice


At the end of the course, participants should:

  • Have increased confidence in their analysis and analytical ability
  • Be unstuck (if stuck with analysis)
  • Feel more comfortable with the unpredictable nature of the analytical process
  • Have improved ability to constructively criticise their own and others’ analysis/analytical strategies


The course does not cover:

  • How to do qualitative analysis



Troubleshooting Workshop: Qualitative Data Analysis is a practical, interactive session potentially suitable for individuals at any level who are stuck with their qualitative analysis. The course is perhaps best suited to individuals with little or no experience of undertaking qualitative data analysis or those lacking in confidence. Participants must bring along their data, analysis plans, and any analysis conducted to date and be prepared to discuss these with the group. Please contact me before booking a place to see if this workshop will be suitable for your needs, if:

  • You have some experience of analysing qualitative data
  • You are working with data that is not text (e.g. visual data such as photos).



The workshop will take place in a training room with an attached breakout area. The workshop will involve extensive discussion, led by participants but facilitated by the workshop leader. Feedback and suggestions etc will be given by participants and the workshop leader and discussed as a group. There will be opportunity to speak privately to the workshop leader. Places will be limited to 6 people to facilitate an informal setting and ensure adequate time for everyone to receive feedback.



I have been a hands-on qualitative researcher for over 20 years. That means my day job consists of actually doing the research, not only supervising and/or lecturing (although I do some of that too). As a result, I have been involved in 15 qualitative projects (mostly as lead or sole researcher), interviewed hundreds of participants and analysed thousands of pages of data collected by myself and others. I have authored/contributed to around 90 articles, reports, book chapters and presentations. I have worked at several prestigious universities: University of Oxford, University College London, University of Liverpool. In addition to providing bespoke qualitative research training, I have been teaching and supervising trainees using qualitative methods on the Oxford Clinical Psychology Doctorate for 9 years and receive consistently positive reviews.



EARLY BIRD: Booking deadline Friday 5 January 2018

  • £120* for half day

STANDARD: Booking deadline Friday 2 February 2018

  • £140* for half day

*Discounts available for multiple bookings (subject to availability)



Crewe, Cheshire (10 minute walk from mainline station)



To book please complete the form below.




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