What People Say About My Teaching

Comments from Feedback Forms




“I enjoyed and appreciated the lecturer’s enthusiasm.”

“Great to have an enthusiastic and knowledgeable speaker.”

“Lecturer clearly passionate about qualitative research.”

“A very warm and personable speaker with lots of enthusiasm.”

Enjoyable / Engaging


“Very entertainingly presented. Really helpful. Enjoyed the exercise.”

“Very interactive lecture, highly engaging.”

“Thanks, great fun.”

Useful / Practical


“I found this teaching extremely helpful and I really enjoyed the speaker’s style.”

“Helpful to have exercises and to try coding some data.”

“Very helpful structure based on proposal and helping to make links with reality of the thesis process.”

“Really practical which is really helpful for thinking about how it would work in practice.”

“Useful and engaging lecture. Excellent use of exercises to apply theory.”

“Useful to do exercises in coding to have much better understanding.”

“Really helpful to have lots of participation.”



“Good teaching style.”

“Very good lecture.”

“A lively and well-presented session.”

“A good presentation and well explained.”

“Brilliant session.”

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